The Job Search (Pt.2) – First Interview!

What color tie should I wear?

What color tie would you wear?

Bright and early this morning I had my first job interview! If nothing else is to come of it, it was a valuable experience on its own. The interview was for a large nonprofit that services people with developmental disabilities and offers a variety of resources to their clientele.

It began in a waiting room where I was left to size up my competition. I was expecting a middle-aged applicant pool, but instead found myself surrounded by other recent college graduates. I found myself trying to determine, on the basis of their look and dress, who would interview well and who would not. I was one of just two or three males, versus thirty or so females, so I felt as if that might work in my favor if they were seeking male employees.

After waiting, we were pulled six or seven at a time to a conference room for a group interview, during which we were able to discuss our relevant experience. I was glad I had done some prior research on the company’s mission, philosophy, and services prior to the interview because we were practically tested on it. We were also presented with a difficult scenario regarding ethics, which we had work out as a group. Following the group interview, we were interviewed individually; this one, however, seemed to be less about qualifications and more about whether my desired position, salary, and shifts lined up with their needs.

As of now, I am unsure of how it went (it seems interviewers are experts at hiding their thoughts). I believe it went well, but I am continuing to search and apply in case the available openings are not ones I can or want to fill. I hope that I receive calls back from other applications, but from what I gather in reading and speaking to others, it is never really that simple. My fear is turning down this job (if the shift is less-than-ideal), and then sitting around for months waiting to get another phone call. Plus, I’m not sure how long I can go without a source of income! It’s a hard thing watching your account balance dwindle with no end in sight. Mint loves reminding me when my net monthly income is negative! Quite the sadist.

What was your first job interview like? Did you get the job?

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6 responses to “The Job Search (Pt.2) – First Interview!

  • Robin

    1. I love too!.
    2. My first after college interview didn’t go the best – I totally blanked on this ‘field portion’ of the interview. yikes. but luckliy got the 2nd one that I worked at for 2 years!

    good luck. don’t forget to send a hand written thank you note!!!

    • Eric

      That darned “field portion,” haha. Well I’m hoping to find a job I can hang onto like you did, but it may require a lot more searching!

      And thanks for checking out the blog, hope you stick around! =)

  • Teacher Girl

    Visiting over from “Follow Me Back”. It sounds like you did well! Sometimes interviews are hit or miss. Keep interviewing. You get better with practice. =)

  • Daniella Bondar

    Interviews are funny things. I am still in college so interviews are a bit less intense , but the more the merrier (?)

    I mean, the more interviews you subject yourself to the more comfortable you become. The thing is you never quite know what they are looking for so what you need to perfect is being yourself. You want them to want YOU, not some sweaty-nervous-suck-up version of you.

    Peace and Love,

    p.s. best of luck!

    • Eric

      Haha, merrier for sure. And yeah, being yourself is always a good tip. It’s also tough to get a feel for balancing seriousness and personality, which I find you kind of have to wing during the interview. I guess soon enough we’ll find out how well I balanced!

      P.S. Thanks for checking out the blog, I’ll be checking yours out too.

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