Stylish Blogger Award!

I don’t think I’ve been the recipient of an award since my high school track days, but here I stand today, a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award! Daniella over at The Chronicles of a College Girl, one of the few bloggers I follow closely, has endowed me with this pleasant surprise! The girl loves a good discussion about anything and everything, from politics to insomnia (hope you’re sleeping soundly now!). Check her out; after all, she’s pretty stylish herself.

Stylish Blogger Award

Now it appears I need to tell you seven facts about myself, and then pass on this prestigious award to a few other lucky bloggers, so here goes:

1. I blogged back in the camboy/camgirl days, but stopped once everyone got over the thrill of seeing pictures of people in front of their computers.

2. Though college was a great time, I still consider my high school days to be my best.

3. I love to travel, but hate leaving home. Make sense?

4. I am an avid podcast-listener. My favorite? This American Life.

5. I convince myself I’m way neater than I actually am.

6. I’ve contemplated skydiving a 2nd time, but I wonder if cheating death once is enough.

7. This is my first, but hopefully not last, blogger award!


And now I present to you the next recipients of the Stylish Blogger Award:

The Divas at Jet Setting Divas

Stephanie at Graduated Learning

Deidre at Decoybetty

Teacher Girl at Teacher Girl Blogs

Robin at Our Semi Organic Life

Thanks again Daniella!


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