MacBook vs. PC

Two weeks ago I made the switch. My new MacBook Pro (5 lbs of “reliable” technology) has been great so far. I would love to know how much time in life I’m saving no longer waiting an eternity for programs to open up on my 4-year-old HP Pavilion. Though the HP still functions (barely), it was time for a change. It was, however, a big decision on many levels to invest in a MacBook Pro. First, the price is extraordinarily higher than your average laptop computer. Starting from $1,199, they run almost double the price of a run-of-the-mill PC laptop. As I’m currently unemployed, this spending presented a bit of a dilemma. However, I needed a change from PC. After years of watching them fail on others, and observing mine become dangerously slow, I was pretty intent on hopping on the Apple bandwagon to see what the hype is all about.

**I’d like to make a side-note on the Apple store. I have yet to find a flaw in the business model (aside from the inflated prices). The employees, in my experience, are all extremely pleasant and very helpful. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t work on commission (I did a little undercover work), and I think this says a lot about the type of character that Apple looks for in their employees. And a store specifically for your brand of computer? I’m not sure why Dell and HP haven’t done the same.**

Now before this sounds like a commercial (because it already does), let’s get to the logistics. The purchase came out, after taxes and the student discount, to around $1,300. Ouch. Though I felt it was a necessary purchase, there are times when I think I could have waited (at least until graduate school in the fall). Either way, I’d be paying the same price, and it’s not as if I can’t afford this; I paid the bill off in full and I’m not down to my last penny. I just hope a job comes my way soon, or I might be wishing I waited.

For those of you who are curious, a MacBook is truly a unique experience. It’s way different than the PCs many of us grew up with. Though there was a bit of a learning curve, with a few hotkeys and an open mind, I’ve already embraced my new laptop. Though compatibility issues were a concern years ago, every program I have needed thus far has a Mac version. Mac compatibility is far more pervasive than many believe. I’m also pleased because I have a machine that can better cater to my media design needs. Damn, this is so a commercial. I’ve been watching too much Mad Men. I really think this is how most Mac owners feel though, and it seems to be a feeling that many PC owners lack (me just a few weeks ago). So either Apple puts out a great product, or I’ve become a sucker like all the rest of the Apple-heads. You decide.

Mac or PC?


11 responses to “MacBook vs. PC

  • denverdiver

    Hey there! My old laptop is on its last leg, and I’m trying to choose between another PC or an Apple…yet to be decided….but thanks for posting about your experience on it! I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    Gotta love that your blog is about navigating life post-college. It’s a lot more confusing than any of us ever thought, and it’s cool to see someone trying to figure it out and sharing with the rest of us.

    You’re right, the X-Games were pretty awesome haha. You should definitely check them out in person if you ever get a chance. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Thanks for reading and all the best,


  • Robin

    I have a PC and my husband a Mac. I bought a ASUS laptop last year that was as beefed up and some major brands but $3-500 less. I am extremely happy but I know one day I may make the switch to a mac. The price is thee only thing stopping me. I love all their products but have never owned one (besides my iphone).

    • Eric

      I know I would have been happy with a PC as well, but I felt it was time for a change. I’d recommend sticking with a PC until you’re totally ready to make the financial and mental commitment to a Mac (because chances are you won’t switch back to a PC after). I’m going in the reverse order that you are; I bought my MacBook, but I have yet to get an iPhone. I do plan on making the switch on my next upgrade though, especially now that Verizon is getting it!

  • Deidre

    I switched to mac about 7 years ago, when my Dell got too much for me to handle (I kept calling it the bastard because after only having it for a year it couldn’t start without crashing…le sigh).

    I have LOVED my macs…I’ve had my mac book pro for nearly two years now and my only complaint is that the battery is completely useless now (something that had happened to my Dell in a matter of months).

    • Teacher Girl

      Do you keep it charged all the time? You have to let the battery die out and then fully charge it. Otherwise, the battery develops a “memory” that tells it to only last a short amount of time. I did it to my Dell. Now I know better.

  • Teacher Girl

    I’ve become a convert for sure. My parents got me a MacBook Pro for Christmas and it is seriously the most awesome piece of technology I have ever had my hands on with the exception of my DSLR. I think that many people want to knock Mac because they are expensive and Steve Jobs is a bit of an a-hole in terms of making Macs un-customizable, but I think that Mac as a whole makes amazing products. And so yeah, you can’t use SD cards with iPhones and you can’t change out your own parts with Mac computers, but they are incredible on their own and I agree, the Apple employees are there when you need them. After living with a Dell laptop and their outsourced to India help centers for years, I am glad to have a Mac and millions of places where I can take it if I ever have a problem. And that too sounded like a customer testimonial on a commercial. I am converted and the transformation is complete.

    • Eric

      Haha, nice. Surprisingly, certain parts of the computer are customizable (more so than they used to be years ago), though I’m confident it would void the warranty. Glad to see I’m not the only one unintentionally spitting out advertisements for Apple! Looks like PCs are in trouble =P

  • Daniella Bondar

    Mac Mac Mac all the way!! I had all PC’s before and I hated them all. They would always break, get viruses and push me to the point I wanted to throw each one out the window. My Mac, well it loves me and I love it.

  • Megan (Best of Fates)

    I switched over to a Mac last year and I haven’t looked back – I’m still just head-over-heels in love with it!

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