Decorating my Room!

I’ve been home from school 2 months now (to the day!), and it has served as a great reminder that the main wall of my room has been bare since we moved here last June. I had a lot of thoughts about what I wanted to do with the wall space. Paintings? One of my art projects (one of which is already hanging in my room)? Photographs? So many possibilities! I wanted to check out what kinds of discounted prints were available in stores, so I spent Saturday afternoon touring Marshall’s, Home Goods, and Pier 1 Imports. I’m not big on shopping, so I wasn’t keen on spending too much time in these stores, but I found it surprisingly exciting to sift through all of the wall decor for sale.

I found nothing in Marshall’s and moved quickly on to Pier 1 Imports. It was here that I immediately noticed a giant spoon and fork, each about 4 feet tall. I didn’t buy them (at $70/piece), but I spent a moment pondering the hilarity of them. After humoring myself, I must have gone through every print in the store before a frame with 9 wire boxes on the interior caught my eye. Clothespins are attached to each box in the frame, and 5×5 photos hang from some of them. While plain right now (besides the photos that came with the frame), I figure there is a lot of potential for me to turn this into a project. ($28)

After this purchase, I headed to Home Goods, where I thought I peeked at every wall piece they had. After a half hour, I almost walked out before noticing this modern-looking bamboo piece. I must have walked right by it, because though I didn’t initially love it, it grew on me after just a few minutes. There would be space for it, it was a long rectangle (which I was looking for), and it looked pretty cool. The frame is black, and there are skinny pieces of bamboo (painted silver) pinned into 3 separate arrangements ($30):

Lastly, I was inspired to open up some floorspace in my room (as I don’t have much of it). So I toyed with the idea of buying a wall mount for my guitar so I can hang it instead of letting it sit on its floor stand. I figured it would kill two birds with one stone: I would have more floor available, and it would cover some wall space as well. I ran to my last stop, Guitar Center, and was in and out in five minutes with a wall mount. ($15). I came home, messed around with some different arrangements, and settled on this:


I may not be the best home decorator, but I’m pretty satisfied with the result! I think the guitar looks pretty awesome hanging on the wall (and it’s actually way more convenient to take down and play now). I also love that in both frames you can see through them to the wall, taking up space without making it seem crowded. Perhaps now I’ll feel more inspired when I do my writing, or when I play music; time will tell! It may have cost around $75, but it was something I’ve been meaning to get done for a while now. There’s just one more wall to work on, but it is mostly out of sight unless you are in the room, so I’m less concerned about getting around to that. Oh, the glory of a productive Saturday afternoon!

Where have you decorated recently? Where do you shop for your decor?


4 responses to “Decorating my Room!

  • Deidre

    I have never once decorated…anything.

    When I moved to Australia I thought I was going to be going home in two years so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations.

    But people sent me post cards, so I stuck them on the wall…and then my friend made me some photo boards, so I have those on the wall…

    Love the pier 1 frame! Awesome.

  • Teacher Girl

    I really like both of the pieces you bought! Pier One is definitely one of my favorite stores. I also like Ross and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Oh and I love that hanging the guitar on the wall is both functional and cool looking!

  • Daniella Bondar

    Decorating my room is something I really enjoy. The problem is it never looks craftily decorated. I just have a lot of cool stuff I throw into the room, it’s cluttered. But I love finding new interesting things. I actually buy a lot of stuff at Marshall’s and Home Goods, it is great!!

    Your room looks nice !

  • sameboatdifferentocean

    I know I am commenting on an old post here (just browsing), but can I just say that it’s your BOOK display in this picture that makes me think you are awesome? HP and the Golden Compass? Amazing! Also I literally just saw that photo frame thing at Pier 1 yesterday and considered buying it, so good choice. I’ll be back to browse again another day 🙂

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