Piled Higher and Deeper.

This has been my life for the past four months. Six to eight hours a day, three days a week. My days off are usually spent completing work/reading, though occasionally I find time to keep up on my shows. I do, however, take off one complete day per week. It’s always nice to have that day and not have to think about school, though it’s often impossible not to when there is always something to be done.

Ricka-ricka-rewinddd. Back in March I posted about the three universities I had to choose between. I selected University C, which put me square into a 6-year doctoral program for a Ph.D in Educational Psychology. I chose a Ph.D because of some clear advantages over a Psy.D (Doctor of Psychology), which include a wider scope of skills, research experience, and ultimately job options. It was the right choice! Though I’m not conducting any research yet, I’ve found myself surprisingly intrigued by the research side of academia. I came into this program with clinical intentions (hence my initial interest in a Psy.D), and though I haven’t yet made the switch, I am certainly interested in research. I won’t begin my own research for another year or two, when I started thinking about my dissertation, but that is all too far away at this point. I am, however, trying to get a jump-start on potential dissertation topics, which I’ll raise in my next post. Lastly, the program is located right in the heart of the greatest city in the world, and there is a vibe to the city that I love. Overall, I was sold. I can’t deny that I received an amazing financial package three hours away from home, but this one was comparable (when factoring in living expenses) and I truly believe there are greater things in store for me here.

Fast forward. I’m approaching my first finals and everything seems to be going well so far. I’ve been working under a professor (mostly busy work, but some interesting research-related tasks) and I was also elected as a representative to a departmental committee, which has been a great opportunity to interact with faculty. Everyone in my cohort has been fantastic. The entire department has an overall cooperative rather than competitive nature to it, and that is exactly what a first-year doctoral student needs in terms of support. Despite the workload, I’m actually looking forward to continuing school with these people. I sense good things on the horizon…


So, here’s what my postgrad agenda looks like for the next month:

  • Complete my finals.
  • Return as a substitute to my job during my month off.
  • Find a way to make a steady income (however small) for next semester.
  • RELAX whenever possible. Watch more movies off this bad boy. See friends. Stay healthy.


So, what did I miss out in the blogosphere during my hiatus?


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