Tough Mudder 2012

In the spirit of continuing my effort to experience amazing things (e.g., most recently my European adventures of 2009 & 2010) despite my indentured servitude to school, I’ve registered for one of next year’s Tough Mudder events. For those of you without any knowledge of Tough Mudder, the following video may answer some of your questions:

As with the prior impulsive decisions that took me to Europe twice, among other experiences, I registered and paid before I could think twice about it. Had I given myself time to think, I know I would have talked myself out of it. While thinking would normally work to my benefit, say if I was in Best Buy staring at a 42″ flat-screen, I rarely opt to think when I have the chance to experience something new. This has become somewhat like an unspoken rule of my life: spend money on experiences, not products.

I do tend to lead a frugal life (probably a combination of my upbringing and my ever-shrinking pockets as a student), so I only splurge when I feel I’m going to come away from something with a lasting memory, a story. In a sense, my decisions are driven by the series of anecdotes they will produce. In other words, I live my life like I would want to read it. I can’t help but ask if I met myself, would I be interested? Might this experience add to my character or make me more interesting? If the answer is yes, it’s important to me that I pursue it. Often, as I said before, I don’t even bother to ask myself that question; it’s a given. Since I formally adopted this personal philosophy about three years ago, I’ve continued to successfully create exactly what I wanted to: a personal narrative. I do record many of my experiences in writing, though I have no plans for the stories thus far. The written stories serve more as a source of satisfaction and reflection. They are a way for me to reminisce (accurately) and smile about my life.

And so when the Tough Mudder presented itself through an invitation to join a friend’s team, I said yes and paid immediately. There is no turning back. I’m going to have to train hard, run hard, push hard. All of this so I can return home that night and put pen to paper. When I’m done, I’ll have written another chapter. And since no one really knows which chapter will be their last, I’ll keep living my life like the story I’d want to read, always ending with a bang.


6 responses to “Tough Mudder 2012

  • Stephanie

    I’d heard of the Tough Mudder but never knew anyone to do it. It’s a bit extreme for my skill set!
    How do you plan to train for it?

    Kick some ass! 🙂

    • Eric

      I’m throwing together a Monday-Friday plan now with some Yoga Sundays (mostly just because I’ve wanted to try it). I’ll be doing mostly cardio, with a distance run once a week. Some weight training, but mostly for endurance and not strength, because it really comes down to persistence and not brute strength. I’ll be blogging about my progress until the race, so you’ll be hearing about it!

      Also, you should try it one day! With a bit of training, I think anyone can really do it!

  • Teacher Girl

    This sounds great! Even though it was probably a rash decision, as you said, you are sure to get a story out of it, and I hear they are really fun too! :0

  • Sarah @ She's Gotta Run

    Welcome back! I’m excited to see you back in the blogosphere 🙂 Hope your first semester went well! I’m doing the Tough Mudder here in Colorado in June. Hope you have fun in yours!

    -Sarah (formerly of

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    […] decided to post weekly updates on my training for the Tough Mudder race I recently registered for. My hope is that I’ll be able to both reflect on my training, […]

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