11 Things

Well look at that, Teacher Girl tagged me in a meme, giving me a solid reason make my way to WordPress for a nice, thought-provoking post (or perhaps “online icebreaker”)! So here I go:

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About Me

1. I’m scared that my final outcome will not justify all of the schooling I’m going through to reach it.

2. I’d rather eat more dinner food than have dessert.

3. If I wasn’t in a relationship, I’d be traveling way more.

4. I went to Amsterdam and didn’t take a hit, of anything.

5. I will never understand the female obsession with shopping (a.k.a. hoarding).

6. I am obsessed with being productive at all times, though I often fail to be so.

7. I love listening to podcasts (in the car, on the train, etc.). Not enough people listen to them, or understand what they are.

8. I attend church regularly, alone, but I haven’t figured out the fine details of what I do and don’t believe.

9. I don’t have a TV in my room because I think its too easy to waste time with one (I watch my shows commercial-free to save time; for what I’m not sure).

10. I was hospitalized for two weeks during my senior year of high school for a condition that resulted in total loss of sensation in my arms and legs (which has since been recovered, of course).

11. Taylor Swift’s music is my guilty pleasure. Don’t you tell a soul.


Teacher Girl’s Questions

1. If you could be any character from a book, who would you be and why?

This is probably a pretty common response, but it would surely be Harry Potter. I’m confident that everyone who has read the series, male or female, has at one point wished they were a character from it. It’s just incredibly exciting to imagine what it would be like to have those powers, and participate in such a world. Instead, I’m a mere Muggle.

2. If you were going to move anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New York City during my working life; there’s nothing quite like that hustle and bustle. Some people are made for it, and some aren’t, but I know whenever I’m in the city I never want to leave. Perhaps in retirement I’d find myself a quiet little bungalow, location does not matter, as long as I have some [English-speaking] neighbors for sanity.

3. What is something embarrassing that happened to you that you now think is funny?

In elementary school there was one part of the playground which always accumulated a lot of water. On a rainy day, it was a giant puddle, nearly a foot in depth at its deepest point. When recess was over, all the kids would charge towards the door, and occasionally a kid would fall or get pushed into this puddle. Soaked and dripping, he/she would make their way to the nurse for a change of clothing while witnesses (including myself) laughed and pointed. Then one day I was that kid, having lost my balance during the stampede I tumbled into the pool of rainwater. I couldn’t believe it had happened to me! Even so, I shrugged it off, put one foot in front of the other, and made for the nurse. I never again teased a kid for falling.

4. What do you do when you have “nothing to do?”

I usually read, play guitar, or start planning my next moves in school or work. I’ll also check my Accompl.sh list to remind myself of what I could spend the time working towards.

5. What was the last book you read?

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer (just finished two days ago).

6. What are the top 5 songs on your playlist right now?

“Crazy Love” (Robbie Seay Band), “On and On” (Chasen), “Be My Thrill” (The Weepies), “They Move on Tracks of Never-Ending Light” (This Will Destroy You), “Mad Rush” (Philip Glass)

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

9. Each pair conveniently goes with nearly everything I own, and is appropriate for its own occasion.

8. Never have I ever…

Been a driver in a car accident (knock on wood).

9. If _____ showed up at my door…

If T.Swift showed up at my door I’d get on one knee. And then cook her dinner.

10. What is something you are afraid of?

The day all of the knowledge and experience I’ve exerted so much energy accumulating ceases to exist. I haven’t fully decided whether this actually occurs or not.

11. Tell me something wonderful that happened to you this week (or month, ya know, if it has been a bad week).

I recently attended a seminar for my department at school, and it was great to see everyone after having over a month off. I felt incredibly comfortable being there again, surrounded by those people. For me, this was extremely reassuring that I’m happy with my experience and my decision to attend this program. It felt awesome to be back.


My Questions

1. If you worked in your current job until retirement, would you be happy?

2. What are three things you do that you wish you could change?

3. What do you enjoy doing more than anything?

4. Do you think everyone is born with the potential to change the world, or just a few?

5. How would you like to change the world?

6. What have you done so far to make that change?

7. Fiction or non-fiction?

8. Have you succumbed to the Apple influence? Why or why not?

9. What would you consider yourself an expert in?

10. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

11. Ideally, what’s next in life for you?


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Keep it going!


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