Tough Mudder Tuesday #2


I cannot lie (it would defeat the purpose of this weekly post). It was a bad week for training. I ran 30 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then foolishly took a rest day on Thursday. I did not, however, consider what my weekend would be like. One of my closest friends from undergrad (coming from eight hours away) paid a weekend visit. I hadn’t seen him in over a year (more specifically, the last time I saw him was departing on separate flights from Frankfurt, Germany for the U.S., concluding our second European adventure). This visit, unfortunately, resulted in a poor excuse of a training weekend. Instead I spent the weekend hitting city clubs and catching up (I even skipped church, much to my own disappointment). I hope that this week holds some better training!

The more I think about the challenge of this race, the more nervous I get that I will be unprepared. I almost certainly will be if I don’t stick rigidly to my routine. I’m on a team of 12 participants, and although we will aim to stick together whenever possible, it seems likely that we will eventually split into two or three groups depending on skill and endurance. My goal is to be in the top group of my team (if a split actually does occur). The only way that will happen is if I keep staring at that poster in front of my treadmill that screams



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