Prosetentially Famous

I’m pleased to announce the birth of the creative lovechild of several bloggers, myself included. Teacher Girl and I, in our busy lives,  somehow managed to carry this idea from inception all the way to fruition (quite an accomplishment in the lives of 20-somethings). We lassoed in a couple more awesome bloggers, and Prosetentially Famous was born! PF is a creative writing blog where you can read our poetry, flash fiction, memoir-style prose, among other forms of creative writing. As bloggers/writers, we are all super excited to get this off the ground, so if you are interested please check it out! You can comment, read, or add our feed (I rhymed)! Even if creative writing is not usually your thing, you’re bound to find a piece that you like!

We are also willing to consider additional bloggers who are interested in joining the PF crew (the more the merrier). If you enjoy creative writing and want to get your work out there on Prosetentially Famous, let myself or Teacher Girl know! Now go ahead and visit…


You know you want to.


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