Tough Mudder Tuesday #5

Less than two weeks to go and I’m finally kicking my ass into gear. I’ve been lifting, running, or biking almost every day and I’m feeling a little more confident (though not much). My only hope is that I’m not the slowest on my 11-person team. I am not in prime shape for this event, and I know that I will not be on race day, I just want to be able to keep moving. I’ll certainly be taking advantage of any lulls or breaks before obstacles, and surely at water stations. Though my concerns change literally every day, at the moment they are calf-cramps (which I’ve never had a problem with before, but I hear is prevalent in this kind of event), and ankle sprains (am I paranoid, or what?).

I’m still taking cold showers each day, which have been unbelievably refreshing. Turning the knob to 100% cold seemed impossible during cold shower #1, and just a few weeks later, it’s the most pleasurable and confidence-boosting part of the shower. I never, ever thought I’d say that a cold shower felt good, and I still won’t. I would say they feel amazing. Since I learned to coach myself through them and slow my breathing, it seems almost as if I’m tricking my brain into thinking it’s not cold water. An oddly powerful feeling accompanies that ability to trick and/or self-regulate my body’s reactions. I feel like David Blaine.

I’m getting pumped and scared simultaneously, but overall I’m excited and anxious. One thing is sure: it will be quite an experience. I hope somebody takes pictures!


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