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So I just graduated… what now?!

Winter Commencement 2010. The beginning of the end, or is it? On paper, the outcome of these next few months looks unfavorable. Unemployment in New York is at 8% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), which seems non-threatening as a single digit, but I anticipate feeling that 8% while I search for a place (if just temporary) in the workforce. I’m looking to beat the odds, at least until graduate school next Fall (assuming I am accepted somewhere, of course).

I’m beginning this blog to serve as a record of my post-college journey, both personal and financial. I anticipate it becoming a scrapbook of my experiences and lessons. I hope for it to serve not just as a guide for future graduates, but also as a forum for me to learn from those who have graduated before me! I‘ll document all parts of life after college; my job hunt, my graduate school admission process, and hopefully my experience post-acceptance. I’ll also discuss my steps towards financial independence and responsibility. I’d like for it to appeal to anyone who is interested in one man’s take on ‘entering the real world.’

Some might say, “Why Eric, you’re not entering the real world at all. You’re applying to graduate school next fall!” And to that I say, “Graduate school is real life. It is a full-time job (one you sometimes get paid for) and the beginning to a career!” In my case, it’s a coveted spot in a School Psychology doctoral program I’m chasing. Still, very soon, before I even find out where that chase takes me, I begin the ever-feared first step: the job search. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, to learn more about me and this adventure called ‘Real Life,’ head on over to the section called, you guessed it, ‘About.’