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Tough Mudder Tuesday #1

I’ve decided to post weekly updates on my training for the Tough Mudder race I recently registered for. My hope is that I’ll be able to both reflect on my training, but also keep myself motivated. So here is how things are going so far:

I spent the first few weeks of training building up my endurance in various exercises. So far I’ve been doing cardio just 3 or 4 times (more often 3) a week. I alternate days between running (25-30 minutes at a 7:30-7:45/mi pace) and cycling (~30 minutes, alternating high and moderate resistance). I strength train with weights 2-3 times a week doing this circuit provided by Tough Mudder, minus the first running exercise because of my other cardio work.

Despite this routine, I’m not yet satisfied with the effort I’m putting into my training. I feel that I should really be doing cardio 5x a week, as what I’m training for is nearly a half-marathon with 25 physically-demanding obstacles. I remained unconcerned about the physical strength required for the course because I’m (thankfully) gifted with natural upper-body strength (it helps that I don’t weigh much). So I should be focusing more on getting in great aerobic shape. I’m running on a team with 10 others, and my biggest concern is not being able to keep up with them, or at least the top-tier of them. I don’t know how hard they’re training, but I worry I’m not doing enough. I’m hoping that this weekly post will motivate me more (as I’ll be reporting specifics on my workouts).

As a side note, Tough Mudder runners raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that provides support and services to wounded war veterans. If you’re interested in donating, let me know and I can personally send you the appropriate link.

That’s all for now, folks.