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The Job Search (Pt.3) – An Offer and Still Searching

Last week I went for an on-site visit with the organization I interviewed for prior to my trip to Europe. The job was for a counselor position in a group home for people with developmental disabilities. It was a good opportunity and I was looking forward to the possibility of working with them. However, during the course of the visit, I learned of the shift I was expected to take. The available shifts ran from mid-afternoon to late at night, or overnight. I don’t consider such a shift compatible with the type of life that I would like to live. At the end of the visit I was offered the position, though I requested time to mull it over; it was a dilemma that I knew would be on my mind constantly. I considered all of my options, and (perhaps foolishly) decided that I am likely to land another job in the next few weeks. I turned down the offer (much to the supervisor’s dismay).

Ultimately what it came down to was that even if I took the position, I wouldn’t halt my search for another job. If a better and more suitable position came my way, I would leave this job, possibly in the middle of the three-month training. I just couldn’t justify turning around and leaving this company after they’ve invested resources and time into my training, not to mention disappointing the group home residents.

It seems extremely counter-intuitive to turn down a job after I’ve searched so diligently. Even so, I know it was the right decision for myself and the company. In the mean time, I had a phone interview last week, and I believe it went well. I look forward to hearing back from them, but you’ll hear more on that in Part 4 of The Job Search.

Have you ever turned down a good opportunity? Did you regret it?

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